"If you are not going to change pedagogy then technology use makes no significant difference" - Punya Mishra
Several days ago, I wrote about the importance of pedagogy, but Punya said it first.
Dr. Punya Mishra's writing (credit to his colleague and often co-author, Matt Koehler as well) has inspired my philosophy of educational technology more than perhaps anyone else. In addition to co-authoring several articles on the increasingly popular TPACK framework, he regularly presents and blogs about his thoughts on all things related to technology, pedagogy and creativity.

Punya recently posted his slides from the 2009 Summer Institute for Superintendents in Michigan. I appreciate his boldness in proclaiming that increased technology use alone does not lead to improving student learning.

Finally, Punya could not have illustrated this point any better when considering both education's storied past and rapidly changing future. Good teaching, regardless of the "tool," involves thoughtful planning in all three areas: technology, pedagogy and content.

Image used with permission from Punya Mishra (pdf)

If you're not well versed in the TPACK framework yet, what are you waiting for?!

"Too Cool for School? No Way!" in the May 2009 edition of Leading and Learning with Technology is a great practitioner-friendly place to start.