Update: January 10, 2014 (removed several inactive links/videos)

Additional videos created by classroom teachers describing their standards-based grading implementation are available here

Are you looking for some videos related to standards-based grading with a target audience of colleagues, administrators and/or parents?  Look no further!

The first two videos are via Xtranormal and the original authors are unknown to me.  The third and fourth videos were created here in Eastern Iowa.

Testimonials from several students at our high school (courtesy Shawn):

SBG Interviews from Shawn Cornally on Vimeo.

What is standards-based grading and how does it compare to traditional (assessments-based) grading? (This video is currently being viewed by various stakeholders as part of a district-wide shift to SBG).

Update: Added new video below (2/8/12)
What shifts are needed in my grading practices to embrace standards-based grading? (More information about this video is available here)

Update: Added video below (5/2/12)
Another teacher/student conversation about grading

Update: Added four videos from EL schools (6/15/12)

Do you have any videos to add to this list?  Feel free to share them in the comments.