While the word "meta" has many historical meanings, one that resonated with me is "a column used as a turning point in Roman chariot races." Beginning this blog was a major "turning point" as I moved past the first round of graduate studies, past a half decade teaching high school math and eventually into a career in school administration. The time to merely "consume" from others' writing had passed - now is the time to give back to the education community.

Second, MeTA serves as an acronym for three areas of interest:

  • Math education
  • Technology, and
  • Assessment
"...learning appears to be enhanced when students understand what is expected of them, get recognition for their work, learn quickly about their errors, and receive guidance in improving their performance"

- John Goodlad in A Place Called School (p. 111)
Goodlad's quote seems simple, yet at the same time, almost unattainable from a practitioner's perspective. In my quest towards continual self-reflection and improvement as a public educator, MeTA is now the "home" of my education-related musings.