Today is a sad day for me and (maybe?) my students, too.  I announced to them that I will not be teaching math next year.  Pending school board approval next week, I will be Director of Instructional Services beginning July 1 in the same school district. "Director of Instructional Services" is a nice title that really says,

Matt - you're now in charge of professional development, the technology budget, curriculum budget, and going to many more meetings. 
I'm sad to leave the classroom and the daily interaction with high school students.  I'm excited to have even more time to help teachers improve their assessment practices and use technology in a more meaningful way.  Sadness, nervousness, excitement are all running through my mind.  From a two dimensional, math nerd sort of perspective, it's like a crazy sine or cosine curve of emotions. 

I don't know yet how the focus of this blog will change.  I hope it will still continue to focus on technology and assessment, but probably with a more of a cross-disciplinary/grade-level focus. 

I had hoped to go back to school someday to finish a Ph.D (Punya Mishra's program looks awfully appealing!), but I don't think I can afford to take administrative classes beginning this fall AND pursue an ed. tech doctorate at the same time. 

To all of my avid subscribers - this is your invitation to remind me in the future what it's like to be in the classroom.  It's a difficult job. You know it.  I know it.  I don't want to ever lose sight of it.