In my statistics class, I didn't grade homework during the last chapter of the semester.  I had a few critical conversations with students about my philosophy on points, learning and homework.  Most of them knew it was coming. 

Later on, I asked them to journal about it.   The responses were generally in support of not grading homework.  I was delighted to read that so many of them "got it."  The picture below is one of the many responses that reassured me the message was being communicated clearly.

Many said that they were still going to do the homework so that they would later be successful on a quiz or test.  I incorporated a few mini formative assessments (quizzes) to provide written feedback and ensure that students were not all falling behind.

Yet another student said,

"I thought that it was OK.  I did all my homework but I think that if you understand it fine then you should only have to do 1 or 2 problems especially when its this long of problems.  I will still do my homework but it would be nice to get some credit for doing it."

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I'm in the process of moving to standards-based grading in this course now, too.  More on that later.