Welcome to the first ever Standards-based grading Gala!  In case you're wondering what this gala is all about, check out Jason's tweet and the history of the #sbar gala.  Educators in the trenches from around the world were asked to submit their thoughts on the topic of standards-based grading and assessment practices.   When the July 15th deadline arrived, twenty unique posts scattered across three categories were in the queue and ready to be posted!  If you're reading this blog, you're probably interested in networking with other teachers who want to change the culture and assessment practices in their classroom; you want to connect with like-minded individuals who have grown weary handing our participation points and your body aches when a colleague mentions late work penalties.  Sharing your questions, ideas and success stories on Twitter is great, but the 140 character limit frustrates you daily.  You realize that blogging and commenting on others' blogs is where the real nuts and bolts are discussed.  Without further ado, I present to you the inaugural Standards-based grading Gala...

Standards-based grading - Misc.

Ellena Bethea presents Standards-Based Grading in Chemistry posted at TEACHING|chemistry.

Josh Giesbrecht presents Summa-wha? Defining our assessment buzzwords posted at josh g.'s notes, saying, "Not directly on SBG in particular, but strongly related (talking about what the heck we mean by "formative" and "summative") and uses SBG as an example."

Ms. Miller presents Not Losing the Main Idea posted at Take It To The Limit.

Jason Buell presents Picard, not Data posted at Always Formative.

Standards-based grading - Questions

Think Thank Thunk presents Think Thank Thunk » Standards-Based Grading: FAQ posted at Think Thank Thunk, saying, "Frequently. Asked. Questions."

Elissa presents SBG: FAQ posted at Miss Cal.Q.L8.

Lisa Henry presents SBG Questions posted at An "Old Math Dog" Learning New Tricks, saying, "Follow up to my first post with lots of SBG questions."

TIC presents Do You Give Zeros? posted at Technology In Class, saying, "Do you give zeros?"

Liz Becker presents Standards Based Grading and the History Classroom posted at Not All Who Wonder Are Lost, saying, "I'd love to see more conversation about SBG in humanities classrooms, so I thought I'd submit this to help generate more on that topic. Thanks!"

Standards-based grading - Implementation

PersidaB presents SBG Part 3 (The Design & Plans) posted at Quips From 114.

Sarah presents Grading posted at Math Bratt.

Lisa Henry presents A Very Tentative SBG Plan? posted at An "Old Math Dog" Learning New Tricks, saying, "This is my tentative plan for starting SBG. I am looking for others thoughts/comments. Thanks!"

Jessica Alzen presents Department Wide Standards-Based Grading Year 1 posted at Team Alzen!.

Henry Ho presents Standards based grading ? it?s easy? posted at The Reflective Educator.

Frank Noschese presents My SBG Journey posted at Action-Reaction.

William McNeary presents Standards Based ..... Whatever posted at McMath Zone, saying, "A summary of my experiences during the past school year."

John Spencer presents taking the judgment out of assessment posted at Education Rethink, saying, "an honest reflection about how standards-based grading helped lead our school from a paradigm of judging to a paradigm of informing."

Dan Englender presents SBG - Assessment Generator posted at Education Et..., saying, "Basically, I wanted assessments that were differentiated to students’ needs, but didn’t require me to write millions of questions. So, I wrote an assessment engine. It’s still in progress. I’ve listed some benefits below, and then some potential pitfalls."

Chris Ludwig presents Standards-based grading: Chemistry vs. Biology standards posted at Science Education on the Edge.

EightFalls presents Criteria Based Grading in Sweden posted at EightFalls.com, saying, "A Swedish perspective on criteria based grading. No percentages, no averages ... a holistic approach."

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