Russ and I led a session at ISTE Unplugged in Denver, CO on June 28th. 

Title: Technology has been around forever. Is 1:1 enough?

Description: Many schools in Iowa are implementing 1:1 initiatives. Is placing a computer in every students' hand the end? What next? Bring your thoughts to this forum.

Thanks to those who were able to make the session live and/or online.  The archived Elluminate session including audio and a faint video of our discussion outline is available here.

Is your school embracing or on its way to a 1:1 student computer to laptop ratio?  In a follow-up post, Russ poses some great questions on his blog related to this conversation.  Here's a snippet of "I'm more interested in your teaching than your technology..."

Is 1:1 change a teacher?

Is 1:1 change a classroom?

Is 1:1 change a school?

Is 1:1 engage/empower/enlighten students?

Is 1:1 get politicians off our backs?

Is 1:1 move education into the 21st century?
We don't have all of the answers, but we're hoping to raise awareness of them through conducting this type of conversation.