I was recently interviewed by SimpleK12 about our district's use of Google Docs and Sites to motivate staff development.

After viewing the interview again, I am not sure if "motivating staff development" is the most appropriate phrase.  "Glue" might be a better descriptor.  Google Docs allows our learning teams to share notes, documents and data in an organized and confidential way in real-time.  

Google Sites enables our leadership teams to plan purposeful dynamic learning opportunities for our staff.

Looking for that handout from last month's professional learning? 
Check out the site.
Not sure about the direction we're going at tomorrow's professional learning?   
Check out the site.

There is no paper shuffling required in our "one stop shop" approach.  Documents and agendas are archived and available for school board and community members to view, too.

What is the glue holding together your building or district's staff development?