I appreciate all of the feedback provided this summer during the SBG "How-to" crowdsourcing project.
The goal was to provide a discipline-neutral guide for teachers to use as they begin or continue to implement grading guidelines approved by our board of education.

As promised, here are the current explainers we're using as a part of our district-wide SBG journey.  Feel free to use them in your own classroom or with your colleagues.

1. Entries in the grade book that count towards the final grade will be limited to course or grade level standards.

2. Extra credit will not be given at anytime.

3. Students will be allowed multiple opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of classroom standards in various ways.

4. Teachers will determine grade book entries by considering multiple data points emphasizing the most recent data and provide evidence to support that determination.

5. Students will be provided multiple opportunities to practice standards independently through homework or other class work.  Practice assignments and activities will be consistent with classroom standards for the purpose of providing feedback.  Practice assignments, including homework, will not be included as part of the final grade.