I have a TON of posts queued up in my RSS reader.  Here are a few I'm planning to dig into during this extended weekend:

It doesn't get any more practical than CareyLehner 's "What an assessment looks like for SBG"

You will notice that we include the rubric on the assessment.  We feel this is important as the students are then asked to reflect on their learning when the assessment is returned.    The rubric will help them to see what they know and what they still need to work on. 

Mary Dooms shares the video she created for parents on standards-based grading. 

I’m preparing remarks afterwards to explain what it will look like in the gradebook as well as how students will track of their own progress. I hope everything goes according to plan!

Sadie Estrella writes about "My first date with SBG"

OK WAIT!  I know you are thinking “um yeah that is what you told them to do?”  yeah but i have not collected or graded homework at all this year.  I walk around sometimes and look over their homework and see what they did or sometimes I have them put it on their whiteboards and talk with their table partners about their homework.  I know this is a honeymoon stage but I really feel like this group of students GET IT!  I have put learning in their hands and they have GLADLY accepted it.

It's no secret that I'm a big Frank Noschese fan.  I'm surprised his post, "Keep it Simple Standards-Based Grading" hasn't been more popular though.  I'll be pointing folks new to SBG to this one because of it's simplicity and cross-disciplinary practicality.  
Could my system have been better? Sure. But don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. You can tweak and modify next year. Keep it simple, and just do it. 
Oh, and if you've read these already and are in need of some more SBG goodness, may I recommend any of the 300+ bookmarks tagged sbar?

Happy reading!